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8 Ways to Get the Best Forex Deal

8 Ways to Get the Best Forex Deal
I remember the problem which I faced prior to my first international trip – buying foreign currency. I went to the heart of my city to look for a Forex service provider which would sell me the foreign currency I was looking for at a fair price. More than two hours in the market and I had to settle for a rate which left me feeling cheated.
It has been five years since that episode. Today, my least concern before a foreign trip is to get foreign currency. Whether it is for studying abroad, international travel, or working outside the country, we all want to get the best Forex deals for our foreign visitors. Following is a list comprising of eight ways to get the best Forex deal:

1.Purchase Online –
Do you know the reason why you get more discount on e-commerce websites than in a shopping mall? That’s right. E-commerce websites have online stores, which saves them a lot of money. Being online, not offline, means that they offer their potential customers not only the means to purchase from the comfort of their home, but also help them save time and energy. Tei Forex is the only completely-online Forex service provider company in India.
2. Compare –
It is funny that we tend to compare rates for the smallest of groceries, but refrain from doing the comparison when it comes to Foreign Exchange. Not all Forex vendors offer the best exchange rates. For buying foreign currency, Tei Forex is a premium Forex company which assures the best foreign exchange rates. Simply go through their websites or call them to get the rates and do the comparison. It may take a little extra time, but it can save you thousands.
3. Don’t leave it for the last moment –
Although Tei forex delivers a prepaid Forex card within 24-48 hours (excluding holidays), it is better to order your prepaid travel card at least five days in advance. In case if you speculate that the ordered currency rate will go down, don’t worry. Order your international travel card well in advance with the bare minimum amount. You can later reload it when the rate falls.
4. Look for offers –
Though a majority of vendors simply want to make as much money as possible from their customers, there are a few vendors which belief in customer satisfaction. Tei Forex does not only assure the best currency exchange rates, but also provides two free ATM withdrawals per month. They also provide round-the-clock customer support.
5. Don’t fall for unbelievable offers –
Getting an offer is one thing, but getting an unbelievable offer is another. Rule of thumb tells us that if an offer is too good to be true, it most likely is. Some companies adopt marketing gimmicks or unethical means to woo their customers.
6. Negotiate –
If you ask for something, you will get a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. If it is a no, it would not really matter, but if it is a yes, good for you. While the banks will not entertain you if you try to negotiate with them, Forex vendors might. If you find a better exchange rate for the currency you are looking for, inform the other Forex vendors. To convert you as their customer, they might as well challenge that price and offer you a better exchange rate.
7. Avoid the Forex vendors at the airports –
Rarely will you find a good Forex rate from the airport currency exchange vendors. Whether you have just arrived or are about to leave, airport Forex vendors are the last place you should consider buying or selling your Forex, as their rates are exorbitant. At the time of arrival, if you don’t have any cash in the local currency, just exchange enough to pay for the hotel transfer. If you are leaving, exchange the excess money before arriving at the airport. Whatever purchases you would want to make at the airport can be done using your Tei Forex prepaid Forex card.
  1. Avoid using your Debit or Credit card –
Using your debit or credit card in a foreign country may seem really convenient, but it can be really costly. Banks are known to charge up to 6.5% as fees on the use of their debit or credit card internationally. And more often than not, the charges are not just levied by your bank, but by the ATM’s bank as well. Banks may even try to lure you by offering you with free insurance or travel discounts. In that case, read point #5 again.
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