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Some help with my financial status? (PHP)

Throwaway account + sorry for the English but I hope you guys can help me. Just a twenty something in the Philippines working on a barely above minimum wage job, but I have some advantages:
Some disadvantages though: * Company has no benefits like 401k, IRA, employer matching, or something like that. * Unlikely to get a significant raise since I'm pretty happy with my current position. Plus, meh, work. * Dropped college (no diploma) and don't really have that much of a skillset. The Philippines is heavily prejudiced against anyone without a college degree here, pfft. I probably need to study again.
Here's my monthly budget:
Savings and investments
20% investing on stocks. Been investing constantly every month. Stock account has about 23% of my annual income in it already.
7.6% on Savings. Just started putting into this 4 months ago. I dunno what I'm gonna use this for, probably for emergencies purchases or something. Note that I don't need emergency money for hospital visits and the like.
Constant Expenses
7.6% on Internet
3.8% on cat food
4.6% for public transportation
2.9% for Internet hosting... for a hobby.
Variable Expenses
23-30% on Guilt-free money for eating out, movies, gym, etc. Don't really eat out that much since I prefer to bring lunch to work.
30% or the rest is free money I can allocate into anything. Right now, I'm putting most of this into a "buy something fund" for purchasing stuff or extra money for my guilt-free expenses (I rarely do that though). So far, bought a 3DS, a mid-range computer(bought this after saving for 6 months), and some games. Pretty happy with them! If I get a raise, it most of it will probably become free money, rather than going into my guilt-free funds.
My financial goals are:
Here's what I don't know what to do about:
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